My name is Lucia Turzová

and I have been painting for more than 20 years

My artistic creativity was discovered by our neighbor during my childhood when she saw my first drawing where was black grass, red sky, a green house and a blue tree. According to the drawing she insisted on my parents to enroll me in an art school. When I was only five years old I won the first prize in an artistic competition with a drawing of flowers where I used only a pink color. At the art school which I had been attending just like a hobby, I stayed until I was 13 years old and that was the time when I had to decide what I want to do with my artistic future. As a high school I chose a Secondary Professional School of Glassware Products in Lednické Rovne with a specialization on glass grinding (I prefer to use glass as an object for design). After the graduation I wanted to stay at our secondary school a little bit longer because I wanted to obtain a title DiS (certified specialist) and on the top of that to learn something more about the stained glass. I had always been thinking at school to come up with something original, something that would show art from a different perspective and at the same time what would make me joy. However, after several attempts and various jobs, I have realized that it is not that simple at all. The turning point came while I was working abroad. There, once I went to go to see stars and I got it, the unrivalled idea! Thus I went back home with the unique feeling that I can come up with something what is not hackneyed at all. For the money earned I bought all the necessary things needed for...

...the creation of the very first artwork of its kind in the world.

After three months of sampling various materials and fine tuning of the construction I have found out that it is possible to realize my crazy imagination. The basis of these paintings is that the glass inserted directly into the image is hand-painted (although I have also some of the stained glass images where I used opal glass) and therefore there is nothing extraordinary visible at the first sight. The new sensation comes when everything goes dark and you just lights the painted image up. It completely changes the entire initial view in it. The miracle is happening during the whole time, each part of the day brings you totally new energy. And this is the way how my art differs from the others, every single piece of my painting image is one and only because you just cannot do the simple “copy&paste”, it would completely lose its essence – to revive the room with the light. Therefore I would recommend you just do not to think where you will hang the stained glass image but what leave it in you, what it will do with you...

My certificate