Stained glass in a painting

Why the unique technology?

Certainly each of you has seen many stained glasses, whether in churches in the door of your neighbors, friends of yours or acquaintances. They are just amazing and beautiful pieces of art that adorn our homes. Indeed, I have to admit that I was wondering for a long long time how to assemble the astonishing stained glass on a wall. Well, we all are familiar with the various lamps, chandeliers and many other lighting devices which are really impressive, so why not a painting? Why not a painting may be dominant at night? But the question is how to manage it? How to compose a painting which is worth to see day and night? This was the question which made me sleepless, but thanks to my skills and knowledge not for a long time. I have decided to combine two already well-known techniques, the technique of painting and the stained glass. The whole process consumes really a lot of time, although in my opinion it is absolutely worth of it. The composition of the very first stained glass painting took me a few weeks. But the practice makes the master and after several attempts I can manage to compose the stained glass painting within about two weeks.

In order to make you a little familiar with all the tough work

  • Agreement of the proposal with the client
  • Draft of the glowing part of the painting
  • Then comes the long process of redrawing, cutting and repainting of the glass parts
  • Utilization of copper strips and tinning (is for me the second most amusing part)
  • Final painting

It's using of only the state of the art sort of paints and materials.

I believe, that you will also find the new kind of art interesting and I will meet you at many events and social occasions at which undoubtedly I want to also take part and so present you that even in this century can art revel in new trends.

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